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Brett Phipps

After leaving school in 1982 at the age of 15 Brett served a 3 year apprenticeship in glass glazing and fabrication, then a year improving course in building skills. After taking a year off to travel the US. He returned to put his skills to good use in several building companies working his way to middle management. After getting married to his wife Vicky when she finished college in Oxford they again went travelling including 4 years in New Zealand where Brett built 6 hi spec homes. It was only after the birth of his second child that he decided to secure his future by founding R&B Builders. He has cherished the last 9+ years by being able to make a difference to people’s lives and giving his customers something to smile about by going the extra mile.


Gary is a highly skilled carpenter, bench joiner and project coordinator. Starting at school with an avid interest in all timber products, it was a natural choice at 16 to choose a career in the construction industry, here he served his time as a apprentice with a very large well established Oxford construction company where he gained NVQ level 3 at site carpentry and bench joinery, from then on he has worked at a number of levels developing his skills and building his experience. Now 18 years on from when he first started as an apprentice he is a valued member of R&B Builders Ltd where the company strives to achieve high quality construction, friendly and professional service.

jack slight

Jack has been with us getting on 12 months now and has fitted in with the team very well. We are keen to keep him long after we have trained him.

paul westall

Paul Westall Is the newest member of our team. After Paul finished his carpentry apprentice ship he worked with various company’s until he decided he really wanted to use his skills at the highest level at some prestige jobs with r and b. The feed back has already been outstanding.

Raymond Windfell

Ray, a co-founder of R&B Builders is a highly skilled tradesman having been involved directly in the construction industry since 1974 when he left school. He gained a City and Gild Site Carpentry Qualification then progressed on to work at a variety of level including team leader in a large maintenance firm. Ray completed many courses through his career including Manual Handling, Use of Abrasive Wheels and Grinders, all of which he puts into practice while being a valued member of the R&B Builders team.


electricians/ plasterers

adrian capel

Aidy has worked for R&B now for 2 years after serving his apprenticeship at Abby electrical. He worked for oxford instruments for 18 years before becoming a valuable member of our team. Having a electrician on site is a great help and he is a pleasure to have around.

Rory james

Rory is a new edition to the team. After doing all our plastering for a long time we thought it was time to grab him before someone else did.

ben trinder

Ben has a way of finishing jobs that never goes un noticed by the customer. He will always go that extra mile to get it just right. Ben is always good to have around for his knowledge. He also has an uncanny resemblance to Martyn?

martyn appleby

Martyn, a self confessed workaholic. Martyn is not only a first classed trades man, he is very well organised which makes his timing on jobs second to none.

steve tugwell

Steve is our newest team member, but he has already had a big impact-on our jobs with his building experience and knowledge. Again a carpenter who is second to none. Just try and ignore his plastic cockney accent.

Jack rhodes

Jack Rhodes done his 3 year apprentice ship with ace training college and working on site. He worked on some big sites but now has decided he enjoys the more personal touch with a close team of craftsmen. Jack has a very positive attitude and a very annoying laugh.

andy lovelock

Since joining our team just after xmas Andy has fitted in as if he has been with us for years. Although Andy's trade is bricklaying he knows his way around any project as good as anyone. We are very pleased to have him on our team.

Project managers

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