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Oxford Roofing Contractors:

The secret to keeping a house weatherproof is in keeping the roofing and guttering in good repair, and at R&B we now have a new Roofing Team who can tackle even the most complex Roof Repair jobs.

Different types of roofing and different styles of house have different types of roofing materials, which can have dramatically differing lifespans.

Simply, if your house is not weatherproof and you have damp coming in then you may need your roof repaired. Slipped and missing tiles can cause problems but are easy to repair, and a tile repaired in time can save big money later.

Checking your roof to establish the exact situation is possible. Using a ladder to check from all angles including inside the roof space will normally provide enough of a roof inspection to give us a guide as to what roof repairs are necessary.

Keeping your roof looking good will not only protect the inside, it will protect the investment in your home. Whatever your roofing needs, give us a call.

Our expert Roof Repairers have recently completed some of the most complex roofing jobs we have ever encountered, from a 500 year old Listed building in Thatcham to a massive flat roof in one of Oxfords oldest schools.