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R&B Builders F.A.Q’s

Building projects can be daunting for anyone and we understand that here at R&B Builders. Our aim is to give you the best service possible, complete the project on time and to budget. As we would be generally dealing with your home there is  a factor of trust and so we have put together a list of questions we get asked and our answers. We hope our F.A.Q page answers all of your questions, if not though please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to answer any question you may have.

How will rubbish be removed?

We use 2 ways, 1 is using a skip on the drive or front garden, the other is a grab lorry, we use the grab to remove large amounts of rubble this is a cheaper way and helps us keep our cost to you down.

I don’t have a drive will that cause a problem?

No, we have worked at a number of properties around Oxford without drives we either apply for a road side skip permit or remove the rubbish in vans and have a skip elsewhere.

Do I need my own Architect / Structural Engineer?

Engineer? No, here at R&B Builders we have both that we use on a regular basis and can recommend, if you do have these in place already that’s fine we can work with them also.

Do I need planning permission?

Maybe, in many circumstances you will not need planning permission this is because the government has relaxed the planning law and more can be built under permitted development. If you are unsure please give us a call, we may be able to save you some money! 

Can I change my plans during construction?

We would advise no, when we quote our job this is based on the initial drawing, changing them half way through can cause problems and subsequently extra costs.

Do you take jobs from start to completion?

Yes, at R&B Builders we have a wide skill base within our selected subcontractors. More often than not we initially quote up to second fix stage, so the doors and hardware will be fitted and the kitchen and bathroom suites will be in. We can then quote for decoration, flooring or decking whatever it take to finish your project off.

Is my roof suitable for a loft conversion?

Maybe, as a guide if you have 2.2m from the top of your ceiling joist to the ridge of the house then some conversion can be done, why not give us a call and talk to us about your ideas!

Am I required to pay a large up front deposit?

No, initially we can give you a written quote and discussed the details of your project, if you wish to accept this quote we ask for a 10% deposit and you will get confirmation of our start date. After this we ask for stage payments spread across the duration with final payment on completion.

At what stage will you be knocking through to our existing house?

Depends on project, if we are building you a new extension we aim to get this built with roof on and windows in before we knock out the old walls. If we are converting your loft it is a little more difficult, we would do as much preparation as possible before stripping the roof off then get the new roof structure in place in as short time as possible.

Are you insured to carry out work on our home or premises?

Yes, R&B Builders have full comprehensive public liability insurance.

Can I get references of past work?

Yes, please have a look at our ‘Testimonial Page’, we can also arrange for you to visit one of our past projects which is similar to the one you are planning.