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Testimonial – Willings

In 2009 we started to investigate various builders to build us a utility room and look into further building projects which we had planned for our house. In January of 2010 we enlisted the services of R&B. Their objective was to renovate our existing house into a useable, stylish home; something that we would be proud of and that we would enjoy living in. Being fussy owners we needed a builder that would understand what we were after and also our level of standard requirements.

Brett and Ray met this without hesitation. From the initial plans Brett was able to identify problems that could arise and helped us to enlist the services of a structural engineer who could design and plan aspects that we had previously thought impossible. The building process can be a very stressful one and often many questions would arise. Brett was able to answer every question with accuracy and in a timely manner.  Our house was always left in a tidy and organised way which was ideal when undertaking such a project with children in the house!

If there was anything that we were concerned about we had no hesitation about mentioning it to Brett or Ray and they would alleviate any of our concerns.

All of the tradespeople that R&B employed for the job carried out their work to a standard that met or exceeded our expectations. Often during the process Brett might have had to make decisions on our behalf. In all cases he chose what he would do if it was his house, and not once were we disappointed with the choices he made on our behalf.

We have no hesitation in recommending R&B as builders to anyone that is looking to build or renovate. The final outcome for us is that Brett, Ray and their team of people have created something that we are proud to call our home.   The attention to detail that all have shown, and some of the ideas which they have come up with along the way are shown in the final product which is fantastic!

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